The Best Tree Plantation Dialogue

Dialogue Tree Plantation

Hey! Welcome to our website. You are looking for a dialogue about tree plantation right? In this post, We have uploaded some Tree Plantation Dialogue images and also written 2 dialogues for all students like Tree Plantation Dialogue for Class 5, Tree Plantation Dialogue for Class 6, Tree Plantation Dialogue Class 8, Tree Plantation Dialogue for Class 9, Tree Plantation Dialogue for Class 10.

Dialogue Tree Plantation
Dialogue Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation Dialouge

Mousumi: “Shabnur”, did you hear that? Our school is organizing a trip to the forest to a plantation.

Shabnur: Yeah, I’ve heard of it. But what’s the point of that? This deforestation is the case, it is none of our business, my friend. We are living in the concrete jungle, why do you need to take care of the trees?

Mousumi: Don’t Shabnur! I’ve been misunderstood. The trees are, in general, are needed for the environment, and, in turn, for our well-being.

Shabnur: But how is it done?

Mousumi: The tree that is in us all, Shabnur! Trees produce oxygen. You can’t live without oxygen, Shabnur! In addition, the tree will be responsible for the maintenance of the ecological balance.

Shabnur: Yes.

Mousumi: Think of it this way, the Square, and without trees, we wouldn’t be able to survive as the air is not breathable. In any case, we need to develop masks that will filter out the little that remains up in the air. The air is polluted and filled with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide.

Shabnur: “Wow! Well, that sounds pretty apocalyptic.

Mousumi: Well, without trees, are half of the animal and plant species would be extinct.

The agricultural sector was not fruitful, because without trees, the soil layer to be maintained.

Shabnur: “Wow! I don’t quite understand all of this.

Mousumi: it rarely rains in the Square. Can you imagine life without trees? Without a breath of fresh air? Without food, or in rain?

Shabnur: No. Yes, it’s true. We need to do our part to help Mother Nature and ourselves.

Of course, we are participating in a field trip to the farm organized in our school.

Shabnur: Yes!!!!!! More trees, more snow, and more on a rainy day, a football, and a coffee machine in the field!

Tree Plantation Dialogue

Akash: Hello Sanjib, What’s up?

Sanjib: Well! What about you?

Akash: Fine, But I saw that a big tree was cut down in front of our school. I heard that a flat will be built there.

Sanjib: Don’t talk anymore! I feel so bad that I can’t look away anymore. Friendship, a circle with the tree since the day he first came to school as a child. I remember how much I played on the altar built under that huge tree after the holiday.

Akash: In the pride of civilization, people seem to have forgotten the contribution of trees. Intoxicated by this onslaught of urbanization, deforestation is going on everywhere from the Terai to the Sundarbans.

Sanjib: One would think at least once that the damage is done to oneself in the end. In this terrible greed, people are destroying their own civilization. Earth’s average temperature is rising, polar ice is melting, Earth’s water level is rising, biodiversity is being depleted as plants are declining, ultraviolet rays are also having an irresistible effect on the environment. All in all, the incidence of various diseases is also increasing.

Akash: Not only that, you know, according to experts, a country will face a catastrophe only when its land area falls below 35 percent of its size. Many countries in the world, including India, are now facing this problem.

Sanjib: What do you mean, a tree is a soul’ — this sentence should not be just a slogan, it should be made an unavoidable condition of life. Otherwise, there will be no escape from this terrible destruction.

Tree Plantation Dialogue
Tree Plantation Dialogue

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