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    The Best Tree Plantation Composition

    Composition Tree Plantation

    Welcome to visit our website. If you are looking for Tree Plantation Composition or Composition Tree Plantation through a search engine, You are staying at the right place now. In this post, we have tried to cover the composition for all students like tree plantation composition for class 6, tree plantation composition for class 8, tree plantation composition for class 10, and more about tree plantation essay.

    Composition Tree Plantation
    Composition Tree Plantation

    Tree Plantation Composition 500 Words

    There is no need to explain how important this composition for all students. Even though most important for the tree plantation composition for class 6 to 10. Here is presenting a Tree Plantation Composition 500 Words for weak students.

    Tree Plantation Composition 500 Words
    Tree Plantation Composition 500 Words

    Tree Plantation Composition

    (Hint: Introduction; The necessity of the tree; Current World Situation; Forest Status in Bangladesh; Why Tree Planting is Necessary; Tree Planting Campaign; Government Initiative for Forest Development; Action for Forest Development; Conclusion.)

    • Introduction: Nature always protects its environment by establishing balance. For this reason, the trees that help him, that is his vast forest. Trees maintain environmental balance by controlling floods, floods, hurricanes. But in order to establish a civilization and make themselves more civilized, people have freed the tree, the protector of nature. As a result, we are forced to see the response of nature. One after another we are the victims of natural disasters. Most countries have failed to maintain at least 25 percent of the country’s total forest area to maintain the balance of the environment. As a result, deforestation is creating deserts in many parts of the world.
    • The necessity of the tree: The relationship of our existence is involved with the tree. The need for trees is essential for our life and livelihood. The tree provides food for all animals. The giant gives oxygen to keep the fauna alive. At the same time, it absorbs carbon dioxide, which endangers the animal kingdom. By spreading its large branches, the tree cools the burnt earth. Trees are playing a very very important role in nature by controlling floods, drizzles, storms. Keeps the weather and climate temperate. Makes the soil fertile. Trees provide a habitat for the earth by preventing global warming. Trees also provide a huge amount of wood that we are using for our daily necessities like furniture, fuel, wood, housing, railway sleepers, boats, launches, dams, etc. We also use trees as a raw material for various industries such as rayon, pencil, paper pulp, matchsticks and boxes, camphor, Rubber, etc. we get from trees. The tree also provides valuable ingredients in various life-saving herbs.
    • Current World Situation: According to the UN report, developed and civilized countries of the world are destroying more forests than developing countries. But its detrimental effects are mostly on third world countries. Global warming is increasing day by day for deforestation in developed countries. The polar ice is melting. As a result, the sea level rises, and coastal areas may be submerged. Increasing carbon dioxide day by day and has caused cracks in the weight of the atmosphere. This is a serious problem and can be the greenhouse effect anytime. If this situation is not addressed now, scientists believe that the amount of carbon dioxide in the world will double by 2050 and that life will be at great risk.
    • Forest Status in Bangladesh: Bangladesh has only 16.07 percent of the total land area. The total area of ​​forest in our country is 2.52 million hectares. Only 45% of the total forest area is covered with vegetation. The contribution of forest resources to our domestic production is 1.6% and its contribution to agriculture is 13.24%. 3 types of forests are available in Bangladesh based on plant characteristics. These are-
    1. Tropical evergreen and deciduous forest: This forest covers a wide area of ​​Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, and the Sylhet region. Chapais, Gorjan, Gamari, Jarul, Kadai, etc. are the top listed trees.
    2. Shalban: It is located in Mymensingh, Gazipur (Bhawal’s average), and Madhupur in Tangail. Besides, Rangpur and Dinajpur also have a small amount of forest land. The main trees of this forest are shawl, besides Chhatim, Kadai, and Hizal.
    3. Srotaj Forest: It is located in various places like the coastal districts of Khulna, Bagerhat, Satkhira, and Cox’s Bazar. The Sundarbans in the southern part of Bangladesh are the world’s largest mangrove forest. Most common and the best tree in this forest is Sundari.
    • Why Tree Planting is Necessary: We are constantly destroying forests in order to take civilization further and develop and expand the industry. And we are doing all this to meet the needs of a growing population. Developing countries are constantly trying to get themselves into the ranks of developed countries. Developed countries, on the other hand, are striving to improve themselves. By doing so, all the pressure falls on the environment. Especially in the forest. In this matter, new problems are being created regularly. We should take proper steps for all these problems, and have to work for afforestation. We can try to solve and need to deal with are:
    1. Natural Disaster Prevention: In 2006, Al Gore, an American politician who won the Nobel Peace Prize, blamed global warming for natural disasters, citing overpopulation and indiscriminate deforestation to meet their needs. Due to deforestation, we are suffering a lot of storms, droughts, river erosion, floods, and more natural disease. The Coastal green belt protects against coastal disasters in our country. So we need to plant trees to prevent natural disasters.
    2. Prevention of air pollution: Trees supply oxygen by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide from the environment. But as a result of deforestation, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing day by day. Due to the lack of trees, the environment is not able to purify all the other sources responsible for air pollution. The result is air pollution and because of this people are being infected with various deadly diseases. We, therefore, need to create enough forest to stay free from this air pollution and the diseases that cause it.
    3. Prevention of the greenhouse effect: Scientists believe that this greenhouse effect will cause the sea level to rise in the near future as the Arctic Ocean melts. And if it grows even one meter, then one-third of the world, especially countries like the Maldives and Bangladesh will be immersed in less than 10 meters of water. And so to get rid of it we have to do more afforestation.
    4. Land Erosion Prevention: Deforestation increases soil erosion and causes drought and desertification. So it is very necessary to plant trees to prevent soil erosion.
    • Tree planting campaign: Rabindranath said- ‘Give back that forest, take this city. That is, it was during his time that he realized the need for forests. Many times have passed, but now our governments have also realized the importance of tree planting. And to make everyone realize that, the government has turned tree planting into a social movement. The first week of July has been chosen as the tree planting week to save the country from natural disasters. When the monsoon rains, we can plant trees and it will be perfect timing. On its own initiative, the government is distributing millions of saplings from various nurseries to the people for free or at nominal cost. Besides, Some Non-Government Organizations have also come forward in this type of campaign. The government has taken various measures to involve the coastal people in building a coastal green belt to prevent tidal surges and land erosion.
    • Government Initiatives for Forest Development: The government has set up the Bangladesh Forest Industry Development Corporation for the development of forest resources and their proper use. Formed forest research institute. During the first five-year plan of the government, 52,000 acres of forest land have been created across the country and 40,000 acres along the coast. During the Second Five Year Plan, new forests have been created on 13,000 acres of land and measures have been taken to create new forests on about 15,000 acres of land.
    • Action for Forest Development: The importance of forest and forest resources for meeting the economic and other needs of the country is immense. But the amount of forest land in our country is much less than the need. Our forests have shrunk as a result of deforestation. But we need to conserve and expand these forests and forest resources for our economic and other needs. And what to do for this-

    New forests have to be created. Indiscriminate deforestation must be prevented. Valuable trees should be banned from being cut down without government permission. Forests should be conserved and planted under government supervision. Adequate training should be given to the forest department officials for the protection and development of forest resources. The people involved in the forest department have to suppress corruption. Sanctuaries need to be built and conserved for wildlife conservation. People need to be aware. Free distribution of saplings among the people.

    Measures should be taken to ensure that no more trees are cut down to collect timber from the forest. Even if it is cut down, new trees should be planted there to fill that gap. Illegal deforestation must be prevented. The government and the people must strive for this.

    • Conclusion: We can never survive in a treeless world. We should conserve and must be developed the forest in the pursuit of state economic development, personal family development, and livelihood. Appropriate initiatives need to be taken not only at the government or private level but also individually and the implementation of those initiatives has to be ensured.

    Tree Plantation Composition Summury

    I hope the composition has helped you to increase your knowledge. If you have any questions. then feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. You can also read the Tree Plantation Paragraph. If you are interested to buy the tree, you can check our shop. Thank You.

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