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    Best Article For “How To Propagate A Prayer Plant”

    Prayer Plant Propagation

    Learning how to propagate a prayer plant is easy because they can grow like crazy so by propagating them you can propagate the maranta plant in several ways, water propagation is the most popular and effective. In this article, I have tried to cover everything about the topic “How to propagate a prayer plant” and hope you will be benefitted.

    Prayer Plant Propagation
    Prayer Plant Propagation

    Prayer plant cuttings: Stem Cutting Propagation

    Generally, the propagation of prayer trees from stem cutting is the most popular. It is the easiest way to increase your plant supply then let’s talk about the strategy!

    • Start by examining your plant, especially the stems. Look for points where leaves will from the stems. These are quite visible along the surface of the leaf nodes and stems.
    • Choose a healthy and vigorous cut and remove it. Be sure to leave the entire node uninterrupted, as that is where the roots will develop. Use a pair of sterile pruning snippets to make a clean cut.
    • Immerse your cutter in about an inch of water, then in powdered rooting hormone. You can then place your cutting in your preferred potting medium.
    • Make sure the potting mix stays moist. This helps to keep moisture around the leaves. It will absorb moisture through the leaves as well as the soil until your cut roots form. A cover or plastic bag helps keep the surrounding humidity high.
    • Try not to leave too many leaves on the stem. Usually, several leaves will suffice. Keep your cut in low-light at first. Decreased light will encourage faster root development.
    • As the cut roots, you can find a bright light on the leaves. Once this starts, you can start increasing the amount of time. You come in contact with low-humidity air. As it transforms, remove its cover and move it to a brighter place.

    Photos were also shown showing the steps for some of the ways to make things easier.

    Prayer Plant Cuttings
    Prayer plant cuttings

    How To Propagate A Prayer Plant

    If you want to learn about how to propagate a prayer plant easily? You have to read this post and have to apply the methods in your home. We have talked all about the important topics for prayer plant propagation.

    There are so many varieties are available in Maranta Plants. When we talk about propagating prayer-plants – we think of these specific plants and their variety.

    • Maranta tricolor (herringbone plant),
    • Maranta leuceneura, and
    • Maranta leuceneura kerchoveana.
    How To Propagate Prayer Plants
    How To Propagate Prayer Plants

    Different varieties or other special varieties of this genus (such as Maranta lemon-lime) are similarly propagated.

    Other trees in the maranta group are also commonly called prayer trees – a variety of Calathea, Ctenanthe, and Stromanthe. However, these do not propagate the “regular” prayer plant in all ways. The easiest way to propagate these is by root division.

    Maranta leuconeura propagation methods

    • Root Division Propagation
    • Propagation with water
    • Propagation in soil
    • Propageting by seed
    Maranta Leuconeura Propagation
    Maranta leuconeura propagation

    Prayer Plant Propagation By Root Division

    Propagate maranta with root division is more common for Calatheas, Stromanthes, and Ctenanthe plants (those are known as prayer plants) Anyway if your mother maranta plants are large so, has many stems will be showing out of the soil, and you will happy to split them into two, you should give this a go once it is the best time to report and if all looks good. It is also called slip division.

    Once you have cleaned the pot and roots of the plant, gently “untangle” it and separate the roots with your fingers. Quite easily you will be able to separate the different stems.

    Once in the fresh terracotta land, the plants separate.

    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water

    Do you want to learn “how to propagate a prayer plant in water“? It is very easy to Propagate Prayer Plant in Water. Let’s follow the steps…

    Our Maranta Leuconeura’s Kerchoveana Verigata is damaged, the stem is broken. This can be a sad occasion with many plant species; With prayer-plants, this is usually a great opportunity to preach! You do not need root hormones or any other additives to be successful.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water


    • Plant
    • Scissors or a sharp tool
    • Glass jar
    • Water
    • Clear bag

    Cutting Nodes

    This is the first step of water propagation for prayer plants.

    Find the nodes in your tree and cut the stem at the bottom of the node. You only need one node to propagate your maranta in water. We have three nodes in the stem (all scattered around the figure below) we will propagate since the tree was damaged at ground level – it is not visible here.

    How To Propagate A Prayer Plant-First Step For Prayer Plant Propagation In Wate
    How To Propagate A Prayer Plant-First Step For Prayer Plant Propagation in Wate

    Nodes are easily found in prayer trees; These are the small leaves and from here new leaves grow and grow.

    You need to drop the stem tube about half an inch (1 cm – 2 cm).

    You have to confirm the tools you use for cutting are clean and sharp. Make a clean cut.

    Put the plant in water (make a propagation center)


    Putting Plant in Water

    The second step for prayer plant propagation in water.

    Cut the plant and throw it in the water. The water needs to be plant friendly – at room temperature and if tap water is used, you need to sit for at least 24 hours before using it.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Watert-2Nd Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-2nd Step

    The nodes must be submerged in water; The leaves should not be. If you have many leaves you can prune a few leaves, so the plant concentrates to produce roots. This step is not essential, especially if you have a good condition for a prayer plant, it will make the roots grow really fast and there will be no problem getting a leaf or two out of it.

    You can get a fancy promotion station; There are many eye-catching stores and online sales – however, any kind of glass jar work will be equally fine.



    The third step to Propagate Prayer Plant in Water.

    if conditions aren’t ideal – improve your chances, put a clean bag on top of the tree. This will make your plant happier.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water-3Rd Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-3rd Step

    You can blow some air with straw – it will make the environment more friendly.
    Keep your preaching station in a bright place without direct sunlight.


    Changing Water

    The fourth step to Propagate Prayer Plant in Water.

    Let’s start waiting and waiting for the water change! We should note that it is perfectly normal for your plant to test for signs of new roots every 5 minutes. Everyone does that.

    Your prayer tree is ready to be planted in the ground in less than 2 weeks. There are no rules about how long it takes for you to grow enough to plant roots, however, don’t be discouraged if it takes a month or more. You should not worry about it until you see new growth and the tree looks good.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Watert-4Th Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-4th Step

    As the water changes, it depends somewhat on the size of the jar. Some promise that it is better to change the water every 2 days, some do not change the water sometimes. Over a period of 1 month, we started to develop roots ready for planting, water was changed 1 time.

    If the water is clear, there are no signs of algae or any other impurities and the roots grow (you see a change in shape every few days), the water is good

    The first week:
    about a week later, the status of our water plants propagated prayer. I see small white roots out?

    Second week:
    later, the roots are already beautiful and long. Growth has slowed, so this is where the water was changed. Similar to the room temperature water which was used the first time.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water-5Th Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-5th Step

    Third week:
    In the third week, the prayer plant goes all crazy by making new leaves. We started promoting this maranta plant with 2 leaves and a third way. By the third week, it had 5 leaves, another one on the way.

    Fourth week:
    Remember, it can take more or less time for the roots to become strong enough to cut into the ground. When you see good roots (inches and a half / two inches – 5 cm), you can move your plant from the water jar to the ground.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water-6Th Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-6th Step

    Planting the Propagated Plant in Soil

    Last step for prayer plant propagation in water.
    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water-7Th Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-7th Step

    Take a pot planted in the ground with your water propagated prayer tree which is not too big but the roots of the prayer tree have enough space to grow freely has also, fresh terracotta soil ready.

    Add the bottom layer of soil to the pot. Popped plants pop into pots.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water-8Th Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-8th Step

    Carefully fill with soil.

    Prayer Plant Propagation In Water-Final Step
    Prayer Plant Propagation in Water-Final Step

    You can water it and put a bag on top of it for a while because once planted in the ground it can fight a bit. The bag is effective if you have dry air in your home.

    This maranta was propagated in the winter – which is not ideal for air drying due to heat – so a clean bag will help it maintain optimal humidity levels.

    Now that you know how to propagate the prayer plant in the water, we really hope you will use it.

    How to Propagate Prayer Plant Maranta on the Ground (Images to follow)

    This method is not as satisfactory as water propagation because you will not see the roots grow, but it is a simple one.

    Propagation in the soil is best if you want to see the already established plant fully by cutting down the same potted tree.

    How To Propagate A Prayer Plant In Soil
    how to propagate a prayer plant in soil

    Cut off the node by placing enough stems at the bottom of the node as Maranta water propagates.

    Dip the end of the cut (about an inch or more) into the water and then the hammock to root. Plant cuttings in the ground, in new containers, or in the same container as the mother plant. Water.

    Make sure the soil is on the moist side until the roots develop. There is a bit more demand for plants propagated in the soil, so we recommend pruning if there is too much. Like water propagation, you can add a bag on top of plants to maintain high humidity.

    Propagated from seed

    If you are lucky enough to have your prayer plant blossom, you can also try to propagate it from seed. Really satisfying to see something grow from seed. However, compared to other methods of propagating prayer-plants, it is not so simple.

    These flowers are very small and beautiful – there will probably be many of them but each will only bloom for a short time, so you should be aware of that when you are planning to collect them.

    Plant the seeds in a wet environment, and please keep them in a warm place (put them in a bag). If you are lucky, your plant should germinate within a few weeks.


    The prayer plant is an awesome plant personally I like it so much. Thank you so much to read and visit our website. If you want to look at more powerful content in the post “how to propagate a prayer plant“, you can add your valuable comments below. We always try to update our articles.

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