Cherry Explosion Hydrangea For Sale

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Special features and videos on Cherry Explosion Hydrangea For Sale

Special Features of Plants and Tips for Cherry Explosion Hydrangea

Crop: March-November
Flowers: July-September
Apply acidifying fertilizer as ammonia sulfate for spring and mid-summer to ensure a stable release of plant nutrients and encourage blue flowers
Make sure they are protected from the snow. Be sure to check the label regularly before adding anything to your soil.
This may not bloom with new wood.
Excess lime prevents the formation of chlorophyll and causes the leaves to turn yellow and die. Conquer it by using iron chelates.
Depending on the pH levels of your soil some red hydrangeas may turn purple.

Planting and caring for Cherry Explosion Hydrangea


These shrubs need a high moisture content of organic matter.
Improve poor soils by digging up a lot of rotten manure or compost a few months before planting.
Hydrangeas can be planted in March-November.
Choose an area with sunlight or morning sun and afternoon shade.
Make sure they are protected from frost, which will damage the flowers.
Unlocking Plant Items

Fill all container plants by placing them in a large container of water until it stops bubbling, then remove the plant from the container.

Planting of Cherry Explosion Hydrangea For Sale

Hydrangeas can be planted in March-November.
Hold the hole as deep as the depth of the container and 6 ′ or wide at the sides.
Slide the plant into the pot by tapping the bottom of the pot.
With a shovel or knife trim the bottom 2 “off of the root ball for plants in a plastic container.
Rotate the plant in the correct position. Never lift or move plants to the tops.
Insert the root ball into the hole.

Adjust the height of the plant so that the root crown is slightly higher than the soil.
Put the fertilizer packs at the bottom of the hole (if purchased). * Use Our Recommended Fertilizer
Go back and fill the hole with soil, making sure the top of the root ball is visible and slightly higher than the surrounding soil.
Tighten the soil around the plant. Your water well to settle the soil around the root ball.
Water as soon as it is planted.
Mulch plants with organic matter that rot well after planting.

Pruning – After Planting

Although it is not necessary for container plants to be pruned after planting, simple pruning to remove any broken branches during transplanting and to improve the composition will help the appearance of your new planting.

Pruning – All season

Hydrangea Macrophylla – cut the flowers used in the spring and remove the full shoots.

Irrigation – After planting

Plants usually take about six weeks to form new roots in your soil. During this time, water is planted several times a day for the first 2-4 days and at least once a week.
Except for the six-week establishment, water once a week, with no rainfall.
Put your finger on the ground about three times ”to check the soil moisture.

Irrigation – All season

After the first season, the plants should be watered only for extended periods without rain.
How do you know if your plants need water? An easy way to tell is to touch the soil around the roots. If there is moisture, there is no need for irrigation. If it is dry, water it thoroughly with a hose (not a pipe) that irrigates only the soil, not the leaves.
Put your finger on the ground about three times ”to check the soil moisture.

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