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    TEAK: Segun Tree Plant Best Price

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    TEAK: Segun Tree is a medium to a large-sized tree whose scientific name is Tectona grandis. This tree is 20-30 meters high, buttress at the base of the stem. Leaves elliptic to ovate, rugged, 40-55 cm long; Width about 24-25 cm, stem 2-5 cm. Flowers small, white, star-shaped, stalked. Fruits hard, somewhat rounded, about 1 cm in diameter, uneven; It contains 1-2 seeds. Mature tree trunks (1.5-2 m high) are 1-1.25 m in diameter.

    Segun’s native place is Myanmar. This tree was first planted in 1871 at Kaptai in Chittagong. Later, from 183, teak was planted in Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, and Sylhet forests. At present, it is being planted almost everywhere in the country as a high-quality timber tree.

    Teak is the best of the trees. The first cut wood is golden yellow in color, gradually becoming darker in color. Wood is very hard, strong, heavy, durable, and well polished. Teak wood is used more in making furniture. It is also used in shipbuilding, door windows, railway carriages, musical instruments, ship’s masts, etc. The red color is formed from the bark of young leaves and roots. A large portion of the total 60,65,000 cubic feet of timber obtained in Bangladesh annually comes from teak trees.

    Teak Tree

    About TEAK: Segun Tree

    Product Category: Woody Plant
    Scientific Name:
    Aegle marmelos Correa.
    Bengali Name: Segun Tree.
    Propagation process:  Seed/Stamp.
    Species: Local, Foreign.
    Appearance: Straight, erect, healthy, and lively.

    Seedling Size: Medium, Large.
    Height of seedlings: 40-50 cm
    Age of seedlings: 10-12 Months
    Diameter of Grafting: 0.50-0.75 cm.

    Read more about Teak.

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    Teak is native to various countries in South and Southeast Asia. Especially in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Myanmar produces one-third of the world’s teak wood supply.


    Teak is native to Myanmar but is now found in many other parts of the world.
    And now it is also cultivated commercially. Notable among those countries are Africa and the Caribbean.

    Teak is also cultivated in Bangladesh. The first teak tree was planted in 1871 at Kaptai in Chittagong district.
    From 1873 onwards, teak trees were planted in Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, and Sylhet.
    At present, teak is being sown and cultivated almost everywhere in the country as a high-quality timber tree.

    The shape is amazing for Teak Furniture:

    The teak tree is very tall. The height of this tree is about 40 meters. The trunks of the tree are grayish-brown in color. The leaves of the teak tree are oval in shape and wide in the middle.

    The leaves of this tree are large in size and have small scales on the back of the leaves.
    The leaves are about 15–45 cm in length. That is 5.9–17.8 inches and 6–23 cm in width. Or up to 3.1–9.1 inches.
    The leaves of the teak tree are attached to the stems by stiff bots. These boots are 2–4 cm in length. Or 0.6–1.6 inches in size. The edges of the leaves are equal.
    The flowers of this plant are very fragrant. The white flowers are 25–40 cm. Tall and 30 cm. Grows in scattered clusters. Teak usually blooms from June to August.
    Teak trees are very tall in shape. The tree has oval leaves. And flowers and fruits.

    There are teak flowers. Which are small in size, white in color, star-shaped, stalked, and fragrant.
    After flowering, the teak tree bears fruit. The fruit is hard, slightly round in shape.
    The fruit is about 1 cm in diameter, uneven in nature. 1 fruit contains 1-2 seeds.
    The fruits ripen and fall from the trees around October to November.
    It is possible to grow seedlings from these seeds.

    Teak Wood

    Characteristics of Segun Tree

    • The teak tree is a large deciduous or deciduous plant observed in mostly hardwood algae.
    • Teak wood is very popular because it is very hard.
    • In adulthood, teak trunks (1.5-2 m in height) are up to 1-1.25 m in diameter.
    • Teak is the best of the teak trees.
    • The first cut wood is golden yellow in color. And gradually it becomes darker in color.
    • Teak wood is very hard, strong, heavy, durable, and well polished. This wood is not easily attacked by weevils or any other insects.
    • Furniture made of teak wood This is why the use of teak wood in making furniture has been very popular since ancient times.

    Quality of Teak Wood:

    Teak wood is not only used for making furniture.
    It also has many other uses, such as building ships, doors, and windows, railway carriages, musical instruments, ship mast, etc. Teak wood is also widely used.

    The red color is made from the young leaves and bark of the teak tree.

    A large portion of the total 60,65,000 cubic feet of timber received in Bangladesh each year comes from teak trees.
    Not only that. The teak tree also has various medicinal properties. Everything in the plant is used as medicine.

    1. The bark of the teak tree was soaked in water and used to control diabetes.
    2. The extract of the bark of the teak tree is very fortifying. So boiling the bark of the teak tree increases digestion.
    3. The root of the teak tree is cancer-resistant. So the root is eaten in powder form.
    4. The oil is made from the white part of the teak tree seeds. This oil is used as an herbal pesticide.
    5. In order to protect the crop from the attack of birds, the branches of the teak tree can be planted by grafting and planted on the side of the field like a charm. Birds do not nest or even sit on this tree.

    Segun Wood

    Teak Business

    The locals have changed their fortunes by planting teak trees in the hills of Rangamati. They are getting 10 thousand to one lakh rupees by selling each teak tree. Employment has also been created around this business.

    Teak is the first name on the list of valuable wood. Furniture made of teak wood is much more valuable than other woods because it is durable.

    20-25 years ago, several teak orchards were established in the hilly areas of Rangamati. At that time, the garden owners planted up to 50,000 saplings in one garden. As the trees grew, so did their fortunes. In the meantime, many have sold trees worth lakhs of rupees. Locals are interested in the teak business as it is profitable.

    The forest department says that mixed gardening can be more profitable than just single teak orchards.

    More than one thousand people have been employed in Rangamati through the teak tree business.

    Teak Wood Furniture

    There are so many types of furniture is made from teak wood. If you want to make furniture for your home you should choose teak wood. This will be the best choice for designing and lasting.

    Teak Wood Furniture

    Teak Wood Coffee Table

    Specification: TEAK: Segun Tree Plant Best Price


    Woody Plant

    Scientific Name

    Tectona Grandis

    Bengali Names

    Segun Tree


    Foreign, Local

    Propagation Process

    Seed, Stamp


    Vertical, Straight, Healthy, and Fresh.

    Seedling Size

    L, S

    Height of Seedlings

    10-100 cm

    Age of Grafting

    6-12 Months

    Diameter of Grafting

    0.75-1.00 cm

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