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    The Best Bari Eleven Mango Trees For Sale

    ৳ 550.00

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    About Bari Eleven Mango

    Fruit’s Name: Bari Eleven Mango ( Aam)
    Genesis Method: Viniar and Cleft kolom

    Pair Connecting Property
    Age: 1 Year
    Height: 60-100 cm
    Height from Kolom: 20-30 cm

    Kolom Property
    Age: 3-4 Months
    Diameter: 1.00-1.50 cm

    Complete Kolom Plants Property
    Age: 1 Year
    Height ( cm ) / Weight ( gm ): 60-100 cm
    External Structure: Vertical, Straight, and Fresh.
    Save from: Malformation, Anthroknose, Leaf destroyed wivil attack.

    To know about Mango in detail, just Click Here

    The Bari Eleven Mango Fruits

    When it comes to picking the perfect mango for your store, Bari Eleven Mango grows in India. It is a member of the Plumeria species and is one of the rarest mangoes to grow. The mango tree is actually known as the “king of all mangoes” and is used by many mango growers throughout Asia. It grows up to 50 feet tall and produces large fruits that are near twice the size of an average mango. This variety is also called the king of all bananas and it has many beneficial characteristics. In addition to being beneficial to humans, it also provides many other types of benefits.

    Since the mango tree is also used to produce mango juice it is an extremely good source of fiber and it also has a high content of vitamins. Therefore the Bari Eleven Mango is one of the best fruits to use as a free radical scavenger. Free radical scavengers are molecules that neutralize and eliminate free radicals from the body and the more antioxidants present in a molecule the better it is for human health.

    Bari Eleven Mango fruit trees are the only ones that have been cross-bred to improve the commercial quality mangoes. The Bari Eleven mango has a longer shelf life than most other varieties of mango and it also has a much lower number of diseases than other mangoes. If you eat too many bananas you will probably eat too many mangoes. Therefore Bari Eleven Mango is a great way to control your banana intake. It is also very resistant to bacterial and fungal infections and has high levels of natural Vitamin E. This means that the Bari Eleven Mango tree can be used as a food source without spoiling it.

    Due to its resistance to bacterial and fungal infections the Bari Eleven Mango tree is ideal for growing in places with a higher risk of being infected. You should also be able to pick one off the tree easily and you can often pick and eat the fruit from the base of the tree. Although the Bari Eleven Mango is not the cheapest mango in the market, it is also one of the most widely known because it is so easy to find. Because of its popularity, it is also one of the easiest mango varieties to grow in your garden.

    Production Of Bari Eleven Mango

    The Bari Eleven Mango Fruit Tree will produce over twelve million mangos each season. This means that it is very productive and can be grown easily in an area that does not have a lot of suns. This mango has a wide variety of uses including as a snack or in some cases as a supplementary food source due to its high-fat content. The tree will also do well if you prune it regularly because it is a slow-growing tree.

    The Bari Eleven Mango Fruit Tree is also great for people who like eating tropical fruits. If you have never tried a mango before you should try this variety because it is different from other mango varieties. It tastes very sweet and is easy to eat. With the large number of hybrids being produced by various companies, the Bari Eleven Mango Fruit Tree is becoming more popular each year. It should be noted that the Bari Eleven mango tends to be the strongest and biggest of all the hybrids. So, if you have a large mango tree, then this is probably the best mango for you to grow.

    Properties Complete Kolom Plants Property Kolom Property
    Age 1 Year 3-4 Months
    Height ( cm ) / Weight ( gm ) 60-100 cm
    External Structure: Vertical, Straight, and Fresh.
    Diameter: 1-1.5 cm
    Save from: Malformation, Anthroknose, Leaf distroyed wivil attack.

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    10Expert Score
    Good Product
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    External Structure
    Plants Hieght
    Plants Age
    Kolom Hieght
    • Awesome External structure
    • Fresh and Healthy plants
    • Plants Hieght Okay
    • Plants Age Okay
    • Kolom Hieght Okay
    • Nothing...

    Specification: The Best Bari Eleven Mango Trees For Sale


    All Seasons Fruit, Foreign Fruit


    Vertical, Straight, Healthy, and Fresh.

    Propagation Process

    Viniar kolom, Cleft kolom

    Seedling Size


    Height of Seedlings

    100-200 cm

    Age of Seedlings

    1-2 Years

    Age of Grafting

    3-6 Months

    Kolom Diameter

    1-1.5 cm

    Pests and Diseases

    Anthroknose, Leaf distroyed, Malformation, Wivil

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    The Best Bari Eleven Mango Trees For Sale

    ৳ 550.00

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