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    The Best Bari Four Mango Fruit Trees For Sale

    ৳ 300.00

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    About Bari Four Mango

    Fruit’s Name: Bari Four Mango ( Aam)
    Genesis Method: Viniar and Cleft kolom

    Pair Connecting Property
    Age: 1 Year
    Height: 60-100 cm
    Height from Kolom: 20-30 cm

    Kolom Property
    Age: 3-4 Months
    Diameter: 1.00-1.50 cm

    Complete Kolom Plants Property
    Age: 1 Year
    Height ( cm ) / Weight ( gm ): 60-100 cm
    External Structure: Vertical, Straight, and Fresh.
    Save from: Malformation, Anthroknose, Leaf destroyed wivil attack.

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    Bari Four Mango Fruit Tree – What You Should Know About This Fruits!

    The Bari Four Mango fruit tree is a rare specimen of bananas. It grows only at elevations up to 1500 meters altitude. Even at this elevation, it is unusual in having the perfect shape of the bananas, having clusters of three fruits of a round shape instead of the normal round-shaped ones. The rare banana shape and unusual form make the Bari Four Mango very much wanted, especially by collectors.

    The Bari Four Mango is a fruit-bearing tree whose two underground stems do not grow horizontally. It is a fruitless berry with a flesh that is smooth and thin like a melon. It is called Four Mango because it has four large and small mango-shaped bananas. These bananas have a thick rind, a narrow skin, and a black vein running down the middle of the banana. The lower half of the banana is white and somewhat thicker than the other half.

    Growing a Bari Four Mango in a natural environment is quite easy; it can tolerate most diseases and pests. You need to plant the Bari Four Mango in an area having good drainage, shade, and a lot of sunshine. This is a tropical species, which means that it will grow well even in places having extreme temperatures. The Bari Four Mango is also a fairly hardy tree, which does well even in poor soil conditions. It needs less water than most other mango varieties, making it a perfect choice for dry, drought-prone areas.

    Growing the Bari Four Mango

    The best time to plant this exotic banana variety is from late spring to the end of summer, after the last frost. You have to allow about one year for the Bari Four Mango to grow, after which it is an excellent choice for beginners who want to grow their own trees. This is a fairly slow-growing fruit tree with dense foliage and large branches. You have to be patient when you plant the Bari Four Mango tree because it takes time for the roots to get established. If you plan to replant the Bari Four Mango after flowering occurs, you have to do it during the winter.

    Growing the Bari Four Mango is not very difficult, as long as the plants get enough light and get plenty of water. You have to prune the plants often, trim the branches and keep the trunk clean. The fruit that grows has large brown bananas which are the main feature of this tropical fruit tree. As it matures, the newly formed leaves expand to yellow and then turn orange. The taste of the Bari Four mango is mild and its size makes it easy to eat.

    These fruits have been used in tropical dishes since the nineteenth century. It was discovered that the local mosquitoes were repelled by the unique scent of these exotic bananas. In other regions of the world, the Bari Four Mango fruit trees are quite common. They can grow up to thirty feet and produce thousands of pounds of bananas each year.

    Properties Complete Kolom Plants Property Kolom Property
    Age 1 Year 3-4 Months
    Height ( cm ) / Weight ( gm ) 60-100 cm
    External Structure: Vertical, Straight, and Fresh.
    Diameter: 1-1.5 cm
    Save from: Malformation, Anthroknose, Leaf destroyed wivil attack.

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    10Expert Score
    Good Product
    This is a nice product and also seller is a good person. External structure was really fantastic. The plants start growing.......
    External Structure
    Plants Hieght
    Plants Age
    Kolom Hieght
    • Awesome External structure
    • Fresh and Healthy plants
    • Plants Hieght Okay
    • Plants Age Okay
    • Kolom Hieght Okay
    • Nothing...

    Specification: The Best Bari Four Mango Fruit Trees For Sale


    Foreign Fruit


    Vertical, Straight, Healthy, and Fresh.

    Propagation Process

    Viniar kolom, Cleft kolom

    Seedling Size


    Height of Seedlings

    100-200 cm

    Age of Seedlings

    1-2 Years

    Age of Grafting

    3-6 Months

    Kolom Diameter

    1-1.5 cm

    Pests and Diseases

    Anthroknose, Leaf distroyed, Malformation, Wivil

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    The Best Bari Four Mango Fruit Trees For Sale
    The Best Bari Four Mango Fruit Trees For Sale

    ৳ 300.00

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